Bettendorf school minutes Nov. 6, 2000




Official Minutes of the November 6, 2000, Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order

The Board of Directors of the Bettendorf Community School District, in the County of Scott, state of Iowa, met in open session according to Iowa law for their regular meeting at the Ray Stensvad Administration Center, 3311 Central Avenue, Bettendorf, Iowa, on November 6, 2000. President Roski called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. and members recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Lynne Lindstrom, Board Secretary, verified that the meeting notice had been posted and mailed to the media as required by law.

Members present: Directors Anderson, Arney, Castro, Luton, Roski, Wahlstrand, Weigle.

Members absent: None.

Other officials present: John Perdue, Superintendent; Paul Bobek, Executive Director of Business Affairs, Celeste Reuter, Director of Communications; Kathy O'Shaughnessy, BEA Representative; Lynne Lindstrom, Board Secretary.

2. Agenda Approval.

Motion by Director Wahlstrand, seconded by Director Luton, to approve the agenda as presented.

Ayes: 7 Directors Anderson, Arney, Castro, Luton, Roski, Wahlstrand, Weigle.

Nays: 0 Motion carried 7-0.

3. Comments and Suggestions from Audience.

3.01 President's Statement. On behalf of fellow Board members, at this time I would like to invite any member of the audience to step to the microphone with comments about items of interest or concern that do not appear on the agenda this evening. Please begin by stating your name and address. It would be most appreciated if you would limit your comments to three minutes so that we can keep the meeting moving in a timely fashion and allow others an opportunity to speak. We ask that you remember that Iowa law prohibits us from discussing specific employees or their job performance. If you have thoughts to share about items that are included as topics for tonight's meeting, we would invite those comments when we reach that point in the meeting. Thank you for your support of our school district.

There were no comments from the audience.

4. Commendations & Special Invited Guests.

4.01 Congratulations to Erik Goff, Bettendorf High School senior, on his selection as one of twenty outstanding Iowa students to be recognized as Wendy's High School Heisman Finalists based upon excellence in academics, athletics, and community services. Erik will receive his award from Wendy's officials during half-time at the November 1 Bettendorf football games vs. North Scott. Erik was selected from more than 12,000 national nominees.

Several Bettendorf High School Student Council members participated in a "Hearts and Hammers" project on September 16: seniors Katie McCarthy, Cortney Brenner, Lindsay Zeller; and sophomores Megan Bradley, Katie Johnson, and Colby Kennedy. These students volunteered their time to assist a homeowner in need by painting the exterior of a house and garage.

Congratulations to Karen Petersen, former Board of Education director, on receiving the Award of Achievement Certificate in the Iowa Association of School Boards' Better Boardsmanship Award Program. Karen will be recognized during the annual IASB Convention on November 16 in Des Moines.

Thank you to district personnel who participated in the 2000/01 United Way campaign. Our total contribution was $19,677. Special thanks to Joyce Meyer for all her work, as well as the building representatives: Donna Muilenburg, Diane Nauman, Dean Halverson, Jan Glancy, Mary Ellen Olson, Carla Galer, Sue Begyn, Terry Gindlesparger, Deb Patterson, Pat Downey, Colleen Jansen, Cindy Jacobsen.

4.05 AEA Director Communication. Mr. Tom Mielnik, AEA District Director, updated the Board on recent topics of discussion by the AEA Board. These included an AEA reorganization study, the AEA three-year comprehensive plan submitted to the State Board, divisional and departmental updates, SIS update, research and development update, organizational planning, and executive administration's Aspiring Administrators Program. Director Wahlstrand expressed appreciation for the regular written communication from Mr. Mielnik and for his presentation to the Board. Director Roski inquired as to the Board's interest in having the AEA staff provide a review of their services, allowing for a more in-depth discussion, at the Board retreat scheduled for January 6. Directors concurred.

5. Consent Agenda

Motion by Director Wahlstrand, seconded by Director Anderson, to approve the consent agenda as presented.

Ayes: 7 Directors Arney, Castro, Luton, Roski, Wahlstrand, Weigle, Anderson.

Nays: 0 Motion carried 7-0.

Approval of October 16, 2000, Special Board Meeting Minutes.

Approval of October 16, 2000, Regular Board Meeting Minutes.

Approval of Monthly Financial Reports.

Approval of November 6, 2000, Bills Recommended for Payment.

Approval of Administrative Recommendations: Personnel.

Schedule D Approval to Hire:

Brad Cole/BMS/Head of Program, Basketball (Boys)/$112/Replacing David Pipe/Effective 1/3/01

Melbert Peterson/BHS/Elementary Planetarium Programs/$1,750/Effective 10/16/00

Kirk Wilson/BMS/0.5 Work differential/$360/Replacing Corrie Johnson/Effective 10/25/00

Schedule D Resignation:

Brenda Bush/BMS/Head 8th Volleyball Coach/Effective 10/24/00

Classified Approval to Employ:

Carol Green/GW/Individual Aide/$8.60 per hour/5.5 hours per day/Replacing Linda Spainhower/Effective 10/30/00

R. Christine Johnson/RSAC/Purchasing Accountant/$12.35 per hour/8 hours per day/Replacing Shelley Clifford/Effective 11/6/00

Kelly Lassiter/PN/Individual Aide/$8.60 per hour/1 hour per day/Replacing Mary Sunderbruch/Effective 10/25/00

Classified Letter of Assignment Modification:

Linda Spainhower/GW/Change from Individual Aide to Teacher Associate-Reading/$10.00 per hour/5.5 hours per day/Replacing Claudia Bliss/Effective 10/30/00

Mary Sunderbruch/PN/Individual Aide/$8.60 per hour/Decrease from 3 to 2 hours per day/Due to change in student assignment/Effective 10/25/00

Classified Reduction in Force:

Carol Green/GW/Individual Aide (Student moved out of district)/Effective 10/3/00

Classified Resignation:

Craig Ahlgren/BHS/Food Service-Van Driver/Effective 11/3/00

Churesa Pierce/PN/Food Service-Satellite Server/Effective 10/17/00

Linda Spainhower/GW/Individual Aide/Effective 10/27/00

Margaret Ulloa/HH/Food Service-Satellite Worker/Effective 9/29/00

Debra Wulf/GW/Food Service-Satellite Worker/Effective 11/1/00

Approval of Requests for Open Enrollment

Into Bettendorf, 2000/01

Gabriel Thompson, grade 9, from Pleasant Valley, continuation, change of residence

Out of Bettendorf, 2000/01

Billy J. Cannon, grade 10, to Davenport, good cause related to change of resident state

Cristina Dalmolin, grade 9, to Pleasant Valley, continuation, change of residence

Daniel Dalmolin, grade 9, to Pleasant Valley, continuation, change of residence

Adam Dorsey, grade 11, to Pleasant Valley, good cause relatedto change of resident state

Ananya Pillutla, kindergarten, to Davenport, continuation, change of residence

Jeremy Salentine, grade 4, to Pleasant Valley, good cause related to change of resident state

Jordon Salentine, grade 4, to Pleasant Valley, good cause related to change of resident state

Out of Bettendorf, 2001/02

Kelsey Gray, grade 5 (as of 2001/02), to Pleasant Valley

Lauren Gray, grade 9 (as of 2001/02), to Pleasant Valley

Kelsey Jubell, grade 9 (as of 2001/02), to Pleasant Valley

6. Discussion Items.

Shared Communications.

Director Weigle commented on a recent meeting of the Schedule D committee, which continues to work on the curriculum portion of the Schedule D project.

Directors Weigle and Luton reminded Board members of their designation as delegates at the upcoming IASB Delegate Assembly. District 6 is in need of one director, and candidates Swati Dandekar, Linn-Mar School District in Marion, Iowa, and H. Joe Rooney, Central Clinton Community Schools, Grand Mound, Iowa, will be seeking election. Directors were asked for their input on candidate preference and deferred judgment to Directors Weigle and Luton.

Directors Roski and Weigle attended the October 19 Parent Executive Council meeting and noted the following: BMS hosted a parent night on love and logic; there will be another parent meeting November 15 at 7 p.m. April 19, 2001, has been designated for the Hall of Honor Induction at BHS. The BSCF is hosting their annual fundraising event on March 10, 2001, at the Isle of Capri; a planning meeting is scheduled for November 17. The on-guard security system at BHS is also being reviewed.

Director Roski reminded Board members of the BHS's block schedule update scheduled for December 4. If directors have specific questions or concerns they would like addressed, please submit these to Superintendent Perdue prior to Monday's meeting.

Director Roski thanked Board members who participated in Ted Stilwill's visit to the district on November 6.

Director Wahlstrand discussed the AEA Aspiring Administrators Program, which he recently participated in. This program is being offered one Saturday morning each month, beginning in October for three months. With predicted shortages in this field, it is designed to encourage participants to consider moving into administrative positions.

Director Wahlstrand noted his recent travels to India with community college representatives from the United States. The purpose of his trip was to enlightening community leaders in four major areas of India as to the need for community colleges. He expressed his appreciation in returning to the United States and thanked board members and Superintendent Perdue for keeping him updated on activities here.

Director Luton commented on a recent discussion with a principal from Davenport on class size, and stated his interest in continuing to pursue this reduction but to also proceed in a fiscally responsible fashion.

Director Castro commented on recent information he had heard regarding lowering licensure standards in the state of Iowa for guest teachers, due to the shortage of obtaining substitutes. Superintendent Perdue noted it is being debated at the state level and that no decisions have been made in this regard.

6.02 Future Board Discussion Topics.

Directors reviewed the compilation of future Board of Education discussion topics.

The Board recessed at 8:47 p.m. and reconvened at 8:53 p.m.

Through a prioritization process, the following topics were selected, dates assigned, and a director designated to lead the discussion:

Changing school boundaries and response to declining enrollment (Tom Luton) -

April 2, 2001

Long-range technology plan (Dean Arney) - January 15, 2001

Zero-based budgeting (Richard Wahlstrand) - December 18, 2000

All-day kindergarten (Barry Anderson) - May 21, 2001

Community access to buildings (Paul Castro) - March 5, 2001

Board Goals.

Director Weigle lead the discussion related to development of Board Goals for 2000-01. Directors provided input and minor revisions were noted. These goals will be presented for approval at the November 20 meeting.

2001/02 Calendar.

Celeste Reuter, Director of Communications, reviewed the framework for the 2001/02 school calendar. The calendar represents an alignment with other Iowa Scott County public schools in terms of a common beginning, ending, and vacation periods. Director Luton suggested a potential snow make-up day be planned during the year rather than being added on at the end of the school year. More specifically, starting the school year on August 22, rather than August 23, and adding a snow make-up day in April; thus allowing for two potential snow days. Superintendent Perdue will discuss this option with the principals and report back.

7. Action Items.

7.01 2001/02 School Calendar.

Motion by Director Luton, seconded by Director Weigle, to approve the 2001/02 school calendars, with the intent of starting the school year August 22 and adding a potential snow make-up day during the year rather than it being added on at the end of the school year, pending Superintendent Perdue's discussion with principals.

Ayes: 7 Directors Castro, Luton, Roski, Weigle, Anderson, Arney.

Nays: 0 None. Motion carried 7-0.

Approval of Proclamation - American Education Week.

Director Wahlstrand recited the American Education Week proclamation.

Motion by Director Wahlstrand, seconded by Director Arney, to approve the proclamation naming the week of November 12-18, 2000, as American Education Week.

Ayes: 7 Directors Luton, Roski, Wahlstrand, Weigle, Anderson, Arney, Castro.

Nays: 0 Motion carried 7-0.

8. Superintendent's Report.

Community Forum Agenda & Plans. Superintendent Perdue reviewed planning documents for the community forum on November 8. Dick Hanzelka is scheduled to facilitate both forums, but now has a conflict with the January 22 forum. The dates of January 23 or 24 were noted as possible alternatives. Superintendent Perdue will pursue these options and confirm a date for the January forum.

Teacher Compensation Update. An IASB summary comparison of the teacher compensation plans (Pomerantz vs. Forsyth) were shared. Superintendent Perdue invited directors to attend a National Teacher Compensation Conference December 7-8 in Chicago. Directors Roski and Weigle expressed an interest in attending. Superintendent Perdue reported on the highlights of the fact sheet for Bettendorf's teacher compensation.

Budget Update. Paul Bobek, Executive Director of Business Affairs, reviewed preliminary budget planning documents, estimating a 4 percent allowable growth increase. He also reported on various fund balances through June 30, 2000. Mr. Bobek requested feedback on information directors would like to see on a more frequent basis. The special projects budget, including the instructional support levy, physical plant and equipment levy, and one cent sales tax projects, was also outlined. Directors requested a monthly report of the various fund balances.

Superintendent Perdue noted the Legislative Committee will be meeting and plans to make a report at the next Board meeting. On behalf of IASB, Karen Petersen could provide an update on legislative issues also.

Due to a vacancy on the Facility Advisory Council (FAC), Steve Mayer has been appointed to serve on this committee. The FAC will make a presentation at the December Board meeting.

10. Adjournment.

Motion by Director Castro to adjourn the meeting at 10:34 p.m.

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