American bald eagles are reflected in the water of the Mississippi River near Lindsay Park, Davenport.

Bettendorf School Board meeting minutes for June 18

Board approves salary contracts with teachers, administrators and staff.

Technology budget for 2001-2001 approved.

Minutes of June 21 PV School Board meeting

Board, teacher association reach agreement on spending plan for special funds approved by state legislature to boost teacher compensation.

District hires 23 new teachers for coming school year.

Agenda for special Park and Recreation meeting 7/2/01

Splash Landing water problems and Park & Recreation Master Plan to be discussed July 7.

Splash Landing experiencing filtering difficulties.

Splash Landing was closed Thursday, but reopened Friday after another bout with cloudy water. Water clarity problems have plagued the pool this year, and pool officials have struggled to find a permanent fix for the recurring murky water. Last Tuesday, the slides were closed, and on Wednesday the Park and Rec Playground Program kids used the pool in Bettendorf High School.

53rd Street extention to Middle Road.

In an innovative move, the City Council approved a plan to have a roundabout at Middle Road and 53rd Street. The ground work for the 53rd extention is supposed to be completed sometime this year. In the photo you can see the beginnings of a bridge over Crow Creek.

Middle Road water tank finished.

The water storage tank on Middle Road has been finished. The control building that looks like a small house is also finished, landscaping and other minor work remains to be finished. To see a picture of the control building, click read more.

Bettendorf Park Board Meeting Minutes for May 16, 2001

MAY 16, 2001

Bettendorf Park Board Meeting Minutes for May 14, 2001

MAY 14, 2001

June 4th minutes of the Pleasant Valley School Board

Dr. Spelhaug thanked the Scott County Regional Authority for awarding
grants to the school district: $50,000 for improvement of outdoor
facilities (tennis courts and running track); $22,000 for technology;
and $10,000 for junior high family and consumer science. This brings
the total of grants awarded to the district from SCRA to over $250,000
this year.

May 7th Minutes of the Bettendorf School Board

John Campbell, Director of Operations, reviewed the results of the six bids received for the BHS Social Studies and Modern Language remodeling project. He recommended the base bid be awarded to Gilbert Leech Co. in an amount not to exceed $439,000. He also recommended awarding alternates #1, #2, and #3 to Gilbert Leech Co. in the amount of $396,400. Alternate #1 includes the second floor Modern Language remodel at a cost of $308,900. Alternate #2 includes HVAC upgrades for the terminal box controls and reheat coils for all three floors in Building C at a cost of $24,000. Alternate #3 includes new high efficiency motors and airflow measuring stations for the Building C mechanical room at a cost of $63,500. This project will be funded from the one-cent local option sales tax fund.

Sorry about the delay in getting these minutes posted.


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