Park Board agenda March 14 meeting

New Crow Creek Recreation Trail alignment from Field Sike Road to Middle Road to be discussed.


March 14, 2001

1. Roll Call: 7:00 pm

2. Comments and Suggestions from Audience:

3. Minutes Approved: (Exhibit #1)

A. Special, February 1, 2001
B. Special, February 12, 2001
C. Regular, February 14, 2001

4. Payment of Bills:

5. Address the Board:
1. Bill Ashton, Ashton Engineering, will present the Crow Creek Recreation Trail recommended alignment from Field Sike Road to Middle Road.

6. Board Discussion, Action, and Director's Operational Monthly Reports: (Exhibit #3)

A. Budget and Revenue Update February 2001

1. Balances - February 2001

Appropriation *$3,041,304 100%
Expended $1,881,552 62%
Balance $1,159,752 38%

2. Revenues - February 2001

Anticipated $2,070,404 100%
February 2001 $89,684 4%
YTD $1,217,001 59%
Balance $853,403 41%

3. Utility Update - February 2001 (Receive and File)

4. Life Fitness Center Revenues and Attendance - February 2001

Total Revenues -
February 2001 $75,323 13%
Revenues - YTD $509,958 87%
Total Attendance 22,616

5. Palmer Hills Golf Course - February 2001
Rounds 0
Revenues $6,781 .65%
Total Rounds 18,463
Gross Revenue $517,271 50%

B. Unfinished and New Business (Exhibits #4 and #5)

1. Review of Pleasant Valley High School Tennis Court Renovation project request.

2. Review Jeff Vogele Memorial request.

C. Consent Agenda (Exhibit #6)

7. Legal Updates and Executive Session (Exhibit #7)

8. Gifts (Exhibit #8)

9. Commissioners' Updates (Exhibit #9)



All items listed below are considered by the Board of Park Commissioners and shall be enacted by one motion. If discussion is desired, that item shall be removed and discussed separately.

A. Resolution #12-01, approving payment to William James Spear Architects, Inc. for architectural services for the Master Improvement Plan for Palmer Hills Golf Course. (Approve, Receive, and File)

B. Resolution #13-01, approving concept of new playground in McManus Park by the Junior League of the Quad Cities. (Approve, Receive, and File)

C. Approval of Change Order #3 from Frye Builders & Associates for the Lap Pool Project. (Approve, Receive, and File)

D. Bettendorf Jaycees Special Event Request dated February 22, 2001 to hold the Run with Carl Race on September 3rd, 2001 and use the Life Fitness Center parking lot and the Duck Creek Recreation Trail. (Approve, Receive, and File)

E. Request from the Mississippi Valley Track Club to continue their affiliated status with the Bettendorf Park Board for the second season. (Approve, Receive, and File)

F. Special Event Request from the Isle of Capri to hold their employee picnic at the Middle Park Band Shell and Shelter on Wednesday, June 13th. (Approve, Receive, and File)

G. Special Event Request from the Pleasant Valley Girl Scouts dated March 6, 2001 to hold their Twilight Camp on July 30th - August 2nd at Devils Glen Park. (Approve, Receive, and File)

H. Request from the Bettendorf Park Foundation to purchase 150 gift certificates for free rounds of golf for $10.00 each to use as prizes for the August 25th, 2001 Jamie Hill Memorial Golf Tournament. (Approve, Receive, and File)

I. Resolution #14-01, approving payment #8 to Frye Builders & Associates, Inc. for work completed on the Lap Pool at the Life Fitness Center. (Approve, Receive, and File)

J. Letter dated February 30, 2001 from North Scott I-Club to host a shotgun start at Palmer Hills Golf Course on Wednesday, May 30, 2001. (Approve, Receive, and File)

K. Request from Kevin Cartee to host an outing at Palmer Hills Golf Course on Friday, July 20, 2001. (Approve)

L. Resolution #15-01, adopting Golf Course Policy Changes at Palmer Hills Golf Course.

M. Resolution #16-01, approving proposal from Carter/Chrislyn Construction to build a weight room in the Life Fitness Center gymnasium.

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