Bettendorf Park Board Meeting Minutes for July 19, 2001




JULY 19, 2001

The Bettendorf Park Board held a special meeting on July 19, 2001, in the Canteen Room at the Herbert D. Goettsch Community Center at 4:00 pm.

Present: Adamson, Glenn, Kamp, Makoben

Absent: Hutter

The Board reviewed the request from the Barnstormers Baseball Club to use ball fields in Crow Creek Park for tournaments on July 21, 22, 28, and 29, 2001. They will be paying $25.00 per day per field and any additional maintenance fees. They will provide a certificate of insurance. Also, they want to sell concessions and will be charging admissions to the tournament. They will not restrict admission to the park.

On motion by Glenn, seconded by Makoben, to approve the request from the Barnstormers to use Crow Creek Park ball fields for their tournaments.

Roll call on motion: Ayes: Adamson, Glenn, Kamp, and Makoben

Nays: None

The special request form is annex #1 to these minutes.

The Board and Doug DeLille from Bi-State reviewed the updated Land Acquisition Plan section of the Park and Recreation Master Plan. Criteria established to prioritize the needs were established as follows: Cost, Availability, Existing Demand, Projected Growth, and Relationship to existing City plans. The categories for the rankings were: Top, High, or Other.

The proposed areas for Park and Open Space Acquisition and Development were ranked as follows:

A. High

B. Other

C. Top

D. Top

E. Top

F. Other

G. Other

H. Other

I. High

J. Other

Chairman Protem Adamson recommended acquiring land north of Crow Creek Park. This will be added to the Master Plan. The Board ranked it as a High priority.

The Board ranked the recreation trails as follows:
K. Top

L. High

M. High

N. Other

The lettering in the Master Plan will be changed with the addition recommended.

A copy of the Proposed Areas for Park and Open Space Acquistion and Development is annex #2 to these minutes.

Commissioner Kamp informed the Board that the Scott County Regional Authority approved the $50,000 in funding for the Skate Park in Crow Creek Park.

On motion by Glenn, seconded by Makoben, to adjourn the meeting at 5:45 pm.

Adamson (Chairman-Protem)

Glenn (Vice Chairman - Protem)

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