Park Board Meeting Minutes for July 2, 2001




JULY 2, 2001

The Bettendorf Park Board held a special meeting in the Canteen Room at the Herbert D. Goettsch Community Center at 4:00pm.

Present: Hutter, Adamson, Glenn, Kamp, and Makoben

Absent: None

Decker Ploehn was present to update the Board on what has been happening at the pool and staff recommendations. The press release is annex #1 to these minutes.

Decker explained to the Board that Pool Tech tore down and rebuilt the filtration system, and we are still experiencing cloudiness in the pool. We have now hired an aquatics and pool engineering firm, Burbach & Associates from Platte, Wisconsin, to inspect the entire facility. He was inspecting the pool on Sunday when the vacuum system failed and that is why the pool is closed today.

Burbach has outlined a short-term process to try in an attempt to quickly isolate and arrest the clarity problems. If this does not work, we are prepared to close the pool, drain it, repaint it, and reopen in approximately thirty (30) days. The zero depth pool will be open to season pass holders only for children ages eight and under with an accompanying parent with a maximum capacity of 300.

Decker further explained to the Board that the Health Department closed the pool. This is a safety and mechanical issue, not a health issue. The lifeguards cannot see the bottom of the pool.

If the swimming pool cannot be opened in time for the next session of swim lessons, they will be offered at the Bettendorf High School pool.

Decker informed the Board that a letter would be sent to all Splash Landing Season Pass Holders explaining the status of the pool. A copy of the letter is annex #2 to these minutes.

Decker stated if we cannot get the pool repaired, we will come back with a recommendation on closure and refunds by your meeting next Monday night. Also, he is checking the insurance about facility down time.

Commissioner Adamson stated the importance of taking care of our employees and hopefully being able to do something for them.

Rita stated that she is having a staff meeting to make sure they know what we are doing. We will have the hours to cover for swim lessons at the high school and may have to look at other departments for more hours for the staff.

Chairman Hutter asked Decker about the news release saying that there were problems last year.

Decker stated that there is some work under warranty in terms of the filters and element issues. We are looking at this legally. We don't know if all the work will be under warranty, but we have everyone lined up to continue to perform like they said they would.

Chairman Hutter thanked Decker Ploehn for his assistance in dealing with Splash Landing.

Doug DeLille from Bi-State, the Board, and staff reviewed the first updated draft of the Bettendorf Parks, Recreation, and Land Acquisition Master Plan. Several recommendations were made to add or change in the draft.

Steve explained to the Board that after the revisions are finalized, copies will be distributed to members on the focus committee and a public hearing would be held to approve the plan.

The Board decided to schedule another meeting to prioritize land acquisition. They felt the plan overall was excellent.

Mr. DeLille stated that the recommended changes, clerical errors, and population maps would be added and corrected.

On motion by Glenn, seconded by Makoben, to adjourn the meeting at 5:30pm.

Hutter (Chairman)

Adamson (Vice Chairman)

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