The new I-74 Bridge in downtown Bettendorf includes shade-tolerant landscaping and lighting under the elevated concrete approaches.

Palmer Hills landscaping.

The new 9th hole on Palmer Hills Golf Course should protect drivers on Middle Road from errant drives. The new berm and over a dozen new evergreens should also help to block the view of the road to golfers.

New sculpture near Family Museum

A new sculpture was recently spotted near the Family Museum. The Sculpture adorns the end of the parking lot, and appears to represent the Earth, Sun and Moon, being held by green hands. What this means, I'm not sure, but it is interesting to look at. If anyone knows more about this sculpture, please comment and let us know!

Teacher openings at PV Schools

The Pleasant Valley Community School District has the following openings for the 2001 - 2002 school year:

Sandbag Stench

As the river recedes, the sandbag wall that helped prevent flooding has now become the problem. These sandbags, now with a "dead fish" smell, await disposal at the floodwall by Leach Park, Bettendorf. The Mississippi River is expected to fall below the 15-foot flood stage this week.

Bettendorf Park Board Meeting Minutes April 11, 2001

Commissioner Kamp informed the Board that a skate park meeting was held on Monday to finalize the design with the thought that we might be cutting the park in half to get something by this Fall. The next meeting will be held on April 23 to discuss fund raising, approaching businesses and having a car wash.

Bettendorf Park Board Meeting Minutes April 9, 2001

Ron Foster was present to review the Fast Pitch Softball Tournament scheduled at Crow Creek Park May 24-27, 2001. There will be six tournaments going on and 50 teams participating. This tournament is being held to get the Quad Cities involved in fast pitch softball again. They will have three food vendors in the park: Golick's, Ganzos, and Happy Joe's.

PV School Board Agenda 5/21/2001

Agenda for the May 21 meeting of the PV School Board. Two items of note are:

A. Public Hearing - Resurfacing Tennis Courts and Running Track

B. Acceptance of Final Plans & Request for Bids for Tennis Court & Running Track Resurfacing - Brian Strusz and Ray LaFrentz

Bettendorf High School Class of 1973 30th Reunion

Join us in the summer of 2003 for the 30th reunion of the Class of 1973!

April 16 Minutes for the Pleasant Valley School Board

Dr. Spelhaug reported that approximately 120
students have enrolled in the Horizons (Grades K-6) Summer School Enrichment Opportunities with the strongest numbers occurring at the K-3 grade levels.

Approximately 100 students have enrolled in the K-6 2001 Summer School Program.

Bettendorf Parks and Recreation Agenda May 14th, 2001

Agenda for Parks and Recreation meetings.


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