Developer seeking rezoning of city owned land adjacent to Bettendorf sports complex

A Bettendorf sport complex developer is seeking to rezone land adjacent to the facility – and currently owned by the city – for commercial and multi-family residential uses.

Kevin Koellner, one of the developers of the sports complex, obtained approval to rezone the land from the city's planning and zoning commission at the group's Aug. 15 meeting. Commissioners apparently were unaware the city purchased the land in August 2017 from the developers for $600,000 (or $60,000 per acre).

Under terms of the development agreement between the city and BettPlex LLC (of which Koellner is a partner along the Douglas Kratz), the city not only agreed to purchase the land, but to allow the developers to repurchase the land “upon the same terms and conditions as the sale to the city” if done before the end of 2027.

The developers' option to repurchase the land would expire, though, if the city were to proceed "with plans to develop the property for its own use."

The developers have yet to buy the land back from the city, and no repurchase proposal has yet been considered by the city council.

Since buying the land from the developers, the city has installed sewers and streets to the property at an additional cost to the city.

Moreover, the city's most recent cost analysis shows sreets, sewers, stormwater detention and walkways being built as part of the new I-80 and Middle Road sports complex are expected to cost over $4.6 million, $760,000 more than the city's initial commitment outlined in the development agreement.

In his rezoning request, which is to go before the city council next month, Koellner states the land would be used for a car rental headquarters and multi-family townhouses. The land is north of Forest Grove Road, west of Middle Road, and adjacent to other property owned by BettPlex LLC.

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