Cost of BettPlex sports complex roads, sewers and stormwater detention to exceed $4.6 million; development agreement cap set at $3.87 million

The sreets, sewers, stormwater detention and walkways being built as part of the new I-80 and Middle Road sports complex are now expected to cost over $4.6 million, $760,000 more than the city's initial commitment outlined in the development agreement with BettPlex LLC, owner of the TBK Bank Sports Complex.

Most of the cost overruns beyond the $3.87 million cap are likely to be picked up by taxpayers, according to a cost summary provided by the city to

That's because:

  • $288,000 of the sewer installation along I-80 has been classified as "regional infrastructure," and "outside the scope of the BettPlex development agreement."
  • $308,000 of the $835,000 entry road work has been termed "extra work required by the city to construct to city standards. . ."
  • $245,000 of the $635,000 for Middle and Forest Grove Road improvements is for resurfacing of Middle from Forest Grove Road to I-80 and is to be paid by the city. The remaining $390,000 would be for the new turn lanes and paid by the developer.

Yet to be determined is the cost of installing new traffic signals at the Forest Grove and Middle Road intersection, and if that cost would be paid by the city or the developer.

The city council at its July 17 meeting awarded the $635,000 contract for adding turn lanes on Middle Road, the intersection improvements and upgrade of Middle Road from the intersection north to I-80.

"The proposed improvements consist of constructing full depth Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) turn lanes on Middle Road onto BettPlex Drive as well as on Forest Grove Drive into Championship Drive and Friendship Path," according to the contract information provided council members. "The work will also include cracking and seating of Middle Road from Forest Grove Drive to the first I-80 ramp with a 5-inch HMA overlay, pavement markings and related work. A traffic signal at the intersection of BettPlex Drive and Middle Road will be constructed in conjunction with this work under a separate agreement."

The $288,000 in off-site sewer installation work was termed "regional infrastructure" because the work would provide service to not only the sports complex but more than 100 acres of land to the west of the sports complex, according to city officials. Normally, developers pay the cost of extending sanitary sewers to serve their property.

The cost of entry roads to the sports complex are expected to total $835,000, but city officials note that $308,000 of is "extra work required by the city to construct to city standards" and as such is expected to be paid by the city.

Other projects (costs) at the sports complex include on-site sewer work ($510,000), access walks ($347,000) and stormwater detention work ($2 million).

In addition to the $3.87 million financial commitment for site work at the sports complex, the city issued $4.9 million in Tax Increment Financing (TIF) bonds to be paid back over 20 years by the developer from the incremental tax revenue of the estimated $47-million project.

The city also bought 10 acres of land from the developer for $600,000, and provided $1.9 million in upfront grants for the development.

The sports facility opened in late April.

CLICK HERE to download the latest BettPlex cost summary.

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